When it comes to riding the road, safety isn’t one more thing to think about – it’s everything. So it’s vitally important to find the right safety features for you and your truck.

There is a number of available safety system options to help safeguard you, your payload and other road users. These include Bendix Electronic Stability Control, Wingman Fusion™ technology incorporating Active Cruise Control with Braking, Collision Mitigation with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Lane Departure Warning. But do you know exactly what they all do and how they work to keep you safe on the road? Read on to find out what other safety features help to enhance vehicle control and accident avoidance.


Prevents wheel lock-up when the vehicle is over braked, often reducing stopping distances. Vehicles can retain directional stability and steerability even under emergency braking on slippery road surfaces. ABS also reduces the danger of jackknifing in the case of vehicle combinations.


Prevents wheel spin under acceleration as the drive torque exceeds the drive tyres to road surface adhesion. The ATC system communicates with the engine ECU to reduce engine power or will apply the brake to the drive wheels depending on the low traction event.


Helps to restore vehicle stability through the use of ABS, ATC and steering direction in the prevention of rollovers and jackknifing. Steering angle, yaw, suspension pressure and brake application pressure sensors monitor the intended vehicle directional control versus actual vehicle movement. ESP intervenes by applying individual wheel brakes, or reduced engine torque when required to enhance vehicle stability. The system is compatible with multi trailer combinations.


Prevents the driven wheels from compression locking on a slippery surface by raising engine revs to assist with vehicle stability.


Prevents the truck from rolling back on steep grades, providing a consistent and controlled launch. Only available with Eaton UltraShift® PLUS Automated Transmission.


Electronic trailer brake actuation (for EBS compatible trailers only) for improved trailer braking response to assist with reduced stopping distances.

ACTVE CRUISE BRAKING (ACB) – Also known as Active Cruise Control with Braking

Helps assist with accident avoidance, by using on-board computers and radar to engage the engine and wheel braking systems if other vehicles on the road enter unsafe distances from the truck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *As part of Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™


When a forward moving or stationary vehicle enters an unsafe driving distance from the truck, the system utilises audible and visual alerts to warn the driver and if necessary applies the brakes to mitigate an imminent collision. This functionality operates whether cruise control is activated or not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    *As part of Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™


The LDW system detects when a vehicle drifts across a lane marking. When this occurs and the turn signal is not activated, the unit automatically emits an audible warning, alerting the driver to make a correction. It gives drivers the ability to combat lane drift related to fatigue, distractions and unfavourable weather conditions, working effectively both day and night and in most weather conditions, like rain or fog, where visibility is limited.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *As part of Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™

 It’s not just safety systems that work to keep you and other road users safe, the design, componentry and ergonomics of the truck also play an important role in driver safety and well-being.

Having a purpose built-truck with the appropriate engine power, torque, gearing, axle ratios, braking system, wheels, tyres, and cooling management all work towards improving vehicle performance and safety. Handling and stability can further be improved by selecting the appropriate truck and trailer combinations for specific loads and environments.

A cab designed with safety in mind, should be easily accessible, comfortable and offer an excellent field of vision from the driver’s seat. Ergonomics such as a wrap-around dash, provide an unobstructed view of gauges and easy access to vital switches and controls, and the use of a Smart Wheel gives drivers fingertip access for engine brake and cruise functions, further increasing confidence, comfort and control.

Additional items to improve the safety and well-being of the driver include hood and bullbar tilt assist, which helps reduce the load for routine maintenance tasks, as do header tank sight glasses for critical level checks while keeping drivers safely on the ground. In addition, high visibility grab handles and seat belts, and enhanced illumination of step and landing areas increase visibility.

To find out more about what makes Kenworth ‘Safer by Design’, talk to your local Kenworth dealer or visit the Safety page on this website.


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