At Kenworth, we build Australian trucks for Australian industry. Every one of our vehicles rolls off the line specifically designed and carefully tuned to help you succeed in one of the most demanding, challenging environments on the planet. It’s our local knowledge and technical expertise that make Kenworth trucks the right choice for you and your business.

We wanted to share with you exactly how Kenworth is helping Aussies get the toughest jobs done in even the roughest conditions. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the story of a hire and haulage company in the Northern Territory and how their fleet of Kenworth trucks allows them to support some of the most remote worksites on Earth. Read on and learn how a Kenworth could transform your organisation.

G&S Transport – real Kenworth heroes

G&S Transport is truly a local business. Based in Alice Springs, G&S Transport provides bulk haulage, quarry materials supply and plant hire across the Northern Territory. Run by three brothers who grew up in the area with their trucker father, G&S is a crucial link in the local economy, providing key services to some of the most isolated operations in the country and in the world.

Many of their clients operate mines in the deep Outback, working thousands of kilometres and dozens of hours from the nearest capital city. G&S and their fleet of Kenworths helps keep those facilities running, delivering crucial materials and equipment from three locations in Alice Springs, Port Hedland and Karratha.

It’s a rough job being a Territory trucker. With temperatures climbing to nearly 50°C in summer, a per square kilometre population density you can count on one hand and a road network that’s more than 70% all dirt, it’s a long, hard, lonely route from here to anywhere.

This is the environment G&S and their Kenworths thrive in. Operating a logistics network that covers a third of a continent from Alice Springs requires a truck that’s tough, reliable, efficient and driver friendly. After trying many other brands, the owners of G&S – Robert, John and Frank Bilato – settled on Kenworth. Managing Director HSECQ Frank Bilato said that when they compared Kenworth to the competition, it wasn’t even a fair fight.

“We chose Kenworth over all the other brands basically because they’re very strong, they’re easily serviced and they’ve got really good backup through their dealerships, you wouldn’t look at anything else these days,” he said.

“They’re just incredible trucks, nothing else comes close.”

Frank said it’s an opinion that’s shared by new staff very quickly.

“The Kenworths stand up to the best of all trucks,” he said.

“We have drivers who come from other companies that spruik about the other brands they’ve been driving, but after they drive a Kenworth and see what they do they’re won over by them.”

Tough trucks for a tough country

The unpredictable but always challenging environment of the Northern Territory means that conditions can vary wildly, so you need a vehicle that’s up for anything.

Kenworth delivers, providing G&S with the reliable, high-performing trucks they need for a job well done every time. The power and durability is especially important considering the unique nature of the G&S clientele.

Due to the immense distances involved, the drivers at G&S need to be pulling as much as they can on each and every trip. Their Kenworth-driven road-trains regularly pull 175 tonnes gross along some of the worst roads in the country – no perfectly graded tarmac here. With that amount of baggage on those kinds of roads, they needed a truck that can do more than just get there in one piece, it needs to own the road.

When one of their trucks does eventually need to be serviced, downtime is minimised because Kenworths have been designed from the ground up to be easily refitted and serviced. G&S maintains their own team of fitters and boilermakers to keep their trucks on the road, helping them turn around repairs and refits faster and more effectively. At times when the work does boil over and they need a hand, they’re able to leverage the extensive Kenworth service network to help them keep their fleet in top condition. Frank was a big fan of local dealer CJD Equipment, who provide the specialist parts and knowledge they need to stay effective.

“[CJD] have been exceptional,” he said.

“They look after us unbelievably well. They’re just really easy to deal with and just nice people to boot, and knowledgeable.”

It’s a tough country out there, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job and speak to your local Kenworth dealer about upgrading your fleet.

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