Ross Contractors runs linehaul interstate as well as freight fulfilment closer to home in Adelaide where it has a mining operation. It relies on Kenworth trucks and PACCAR Parts and service to traffic loaded B-doubles, road trains and, PBS approved, truck and dog trailers.

Take a moment to consider Australian drivers are responsible for fulfilling the freight task of the sixth largest country for landmass on earth. Ross Contractors, which is based out of Golden Grove, a half hour northeast of Adelaide, run a fleet of commercial vehicles, which does its bit to traverse the continent, moving grain, fertiliser and often quarry products around the nation. They also supply brick factories in Adelaide with various clay products they extract from a mining operation in One Tree Hill. The town was named after an inn, which took its own name from a towering red gum tree that burnt down in 1890. It’s an area where things are known to last even after they are gone.


First published by Prime Mover Magazine September 2018

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