Time-poor, time-critical and time management are evermore common phrases in today’s world, and, when it comes to dealing with big machinery, not much happens quickly for the sake of safety as much as the mechanical limitations.

Primary producers running 24/7 to beat the weather in harvesting machinery can’t stop for long when there are crops that need to be cut, particularly if unseasonable rain is on the horizon.

Road crews and building sites can’t afford the time it takes to move and refuel heavy-duty machinery.

The nearby service station is rarely an option – a 10-minute trip in the site ute could take ten times as long at the snail’s pace of a 20-tonne grader, which represents downtime as well as opportunities for theft or fraud.

Refuelling Solutions Australia offers a broad range of options for on-site refuelling through its Maxi-Tankers and Mini-Tankers, but it’s the former that’s running a new flagship vehicle to good effect.

Rob Tims, national fleet and compliance manager, said, “When RFS launched the Maxi-Tankers brand we looked at our target customers, their fuel requirement cycles, operations, and the locality of their businesses, and drew a conclusion that we needed a robust truck platform that could deliver results profitably, was reliable, and if needed could be repaired in rural areas.

“Kenworth fulfilled these requirements and then some. As a business we wanted to support locally made products and equipment, and our first major Maxi-Tankers fleet purchases
were the SAR T409 EGR prime movers with locally built ATE (Australian Tank Engineering) tri and bogie trailers.


First published in PowerTorque Magazine June 2018

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