Legendary beginnings

Early 1960's

Legendary beginnings

Adventurous Australians George Blomfield and Ed Cameron import the first, fully-built Kenworths from the United States.

Open for business


Open for business

Kenworth’s 56,000 square foot factory and office complex opens in Bayswater, Victoria.

First Australian-made Kenworth


First Australian-made Kenworth

The first Australian-made Kenworth – a cab-over K125CR – rolls off the production line. We used locally manufactured parts wherever possible. Kenworth’s W900AR and W900SR were introduced.



Going global

We introduce a computerised inventory management system, making customising our trucks easier – and begin exporting fully-built Kenworths overseas.

An Australian first


An Australian first

The W900SAR is introduced marking a turning point for local design and engineering. It was the first Kenworth fully designed in Australia.


A rugged truck for a rugged landscape

We introduce the C500AR, specifically built for off-highway applications.  Having proved itself in the harsh landscapes of Arabia and Africa, this was particularly suited to the logging and mining industries.


Kenworth carries the Cup

A Kenworth prime mover carries Australia’s most famous yacht and its legendary winged keel – Australia II – through Melbourne after its historic America’s Cup victory.


PACCAR Parts centre opens

In Australia, we open our state-of-the-art PACCAR Parts warehouse and distribution centre – 45,000 square feet of high-density warehouse space. The K100E is launched (pictured).


The Australian T600 is launched

With its sloped hood, sleek fenders and side skirts, the T600 was so different to other models that some purists found it hard to accept they were looking at a conventional truck.  It was dubbed the Anteater because of the way its bonnet dipped toward the ground.


The Australian designed T650 is also launched

We also launched the entirely Australian designed and built T650.  Primarily designed for off-highway work it was a great all rounder; just as suited to delivering freight in the city as it was hauling livestock in the remote reaches of Australia.


10,000th Kenworth built

Our 10,000th truck – a T600 – rolls off the production line. We hand the keys to Frank Lenzi of Cleveland Freightlines.  The CT500T (pictured) is also launched – replacing the C500AR.


A milestone truck

We launch the T900 – a milestone truck in manufacturing terms. It marks the end of drawing boards in the design phase, as CAD/CAM software comes on line.


PACCAR plant makes international standards

Kenworth Bayswater becomes the first PACCAR plant to receive International Quality Standard ISO 9001 (Production) accreditation – and we appoint our first New Zealand dealership.

The T480 (pictured) was introduced in 1993.


25 years young

We celebrate 25 years of manufacturing in Australia by upgrading our Bayswater plant with another 10,000 square feet – and welcoming our 15,000th Kenworth, a T601.


PACCAR plant grows

We enlarge our PACCAR Parts warehouse again, to a total of 100,000-plus square feet – and stock 15,000 individual part numbers, 200,000 more on computer and link all dealerships using technology.

The C510 (pictured) was introduced in 1998.


The truck of the future

The T604 ‘Technology Truck’ is previewed -  fitted with every conceivable safety feature to show how smart technology could address many critical safety issues – even driver fatigue.  Features included: forward looking collision avoidance radar, infrared heads up display for night vision, LED lighting, advanced GPS and fleet management system, high impact windscreen and external TV cameras to help eliminate blind spots.


Back to the Future

We release the T404SAR, reviving the spirit of the Kenworth classic – the W900SAR.  Despite finishing production in 1987, it had a reputation as one of the best trucks to ever come out of Bayswater.



Largest Australian Kenworth ever

We launch the C540 – the largest Kenworth yet designed in Australia. Made especially for the off-highway mining sector, this truck handles heavy-duty workloads in harsh conditions.

In order to meet ADR 80-02 emission standards – the entire Kenworth model range was redesigned, ahead of the 2008 range launch.

Certified Environmental Management


Kenworth goes even greener

Kenworth Australia’s commitment to reduce our impact on the planet is recognised, with International Environmental Management Standard certification (ISO 14001:2004).

T608 Kalari


40,000th Kenworth built

We deliver our 40,000th Australian-made Kenworth – a T608 prime mover – and release the latest brake safety technology across our entire range (Electronic Brake Safety Systems).



Kenworth continues to improve emissions

Kenworth’s 2011 models are launched ahead of their introduction in 2011 – meeting the ADR 80-30 emission standards across the entire range.

A new property is purchased at Gatwick Road incorporating over 70,000 ft of office and warehouse space, becoming head office for DAF and PACCAR Financial along with other production related functions.