The specialist services provided by Heart of Australia are very close to home for the road transport industry, where heart disease is over represented due in part to the long working hours, and often limited access to regular exercise and healthy diet options. Our customer base also includes many who live and work outside metropolitan areas, and as a result, may not have ready access to health care specialists.

That’s why Kenworth continues to sponsor the Heart of Australia program, and we remain committed to continuing that sponsorship as the program grows in reach and stature.

Through Heart of Australia, we have been able to help promote better health choices across our industry, whilst also assisting regional and remote Queenslanders in accessing improved health and well-being resources.  By supporting Heart of Australia’s focus on providing critical specialist health care directly to these areas, we are also helping keep rural Australia vibrant and productive by supporting residents within their communities, not many kilometres away in the major cities.

It has been very rewarding to see this program grow as it delivers much needed services to an ever expanding footprint, and will continue to fully support the efforts of Heart of Australia to make sure the ongoing delivery, and expansion, of their services to more regional and remote communities.

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