Command Centre

Whether you’re working or winding down, your Kenworth cab has you covered.

As smart as it is secure, your cab has high-tensile strength Huck bolt fasteners throughout. They don’t stretch, shrink or come loose – and they’re easy to repair if your cab’s ever damaged. It’s the same deal with our legendary coil-coated flat aluminium skin – durable, structurally secure and easy to replace or repair. Topped off with a resilient fibreglass roof, your cab acts tough – but doesn’t feel it. We’re committed to your comfort as much as everything else.

Check out the walk-through sleepers we were the first to build. From our 28-inch IT version to the luxurious 50-inch Aero design, along with heating, air conditioning and noise control, you’ll feel right at home, even on the road.


All power to you

We’ve made your Kenworth easy to command from your cab. Our gauges are large and clear, all controls and switches are within reach – and everything is designed to be easy-on-the-eye thanks to anti-glare backlighting (and our non-distorting, aerodynamically designed windscreens). And like every aspect of your Kenworth, we design your cab to suit your needs, with a wide range of instruments, gauges, colours and trims to choose from.